Spring 2019 High Point Market: Design Trends and More

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High Point Market in North Carolina is the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world. With 11.5 million square feet of showspace and more than 2000 exhibitors, High Point Market hosts more than 75,000 home furnishing buyers, interior designers, architects, and others in the home furnishings industry. Without a doubt, it is the place to be to find new vendors and introduce us to the newest trends.

This was our first time attending High Point Market, and it did not disappoint. While we already had trade-only accounts with several companies, there’s nothing like being able to see and touch the pieces first hand. Going to the showrooms and seeing their new products showcased and gaining insight into what the new trends are and where they’re going is honestly one of the greatest and fun experiences we’ve had since starting this business. It’s almost overwhelming how inspiring just one showroom can be!

Since starting our business this past September, we’ve been fortunate enough to have been able to find some incredible finds by shopping smartly both online and locally. However, as we’ve become busier, the need for higher quality furniture to boost our Home Staging services and more exclusive finds for our design clients led us in the direction of purchasing through “to the trade only” wholesalers that would afford us the means to continue our growth.

From fabrics to furniture to fixtures and fittings, it’s all on display in High Point. This spring continued the trends we’ve been seeing since last year with nods to nature everywhere. Textures like wood, rattan and velvet could be seen on lighting fixtures, accessories, and furniture. We’re also seeing a return to gold metal finishes on everything from light fixtures, to accessories and furniture details to bathroom fixtures throughout most of the showrooms.

In keeping with the nature theme, many furniture companies are showcasing new, lighter finishes for wood items . These washes better play up the wood grain and provide a striking contrast to bold upholstery. A favorite of ours is the new Vintage Salvage Collection from A.R.T Furniture. This collection has the timeless beauty of traditional architectural details that translate effortlessly into a more modern aesthetic.

Other trends for the home we noticed was the use of bold wallpapers, and not just as a statement wall or for a pop of color in a room. A tasteful and lux looking wallpaper can elevate the entire room and bring a cohesive overall design without overdoing it.

Over the past several years neutral color palettes as well as earth tones have been very popular.  However, we have seen that color is making a comeback. Shades of greens and blues have become very popular (particularly in furniture upholstery), the same with rust and blush that are now popping up all over the place. These colors, if used appropriately can balance a room and bring a casual elegance as well as a personal touch to the space. More importantly, they still work beautifully with traditional neutrals which means you can easily incorporate these trendier elements to your existing decor and “freshen up” the look without it feeling dated and out of place.

We had so much fun at High Point Market and can’t wait to take all of the ideas and inspiration from our trip and pour them into our next projects! Here are a few more pictures highlighting some of our favorite finds during this trip.

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