19th Century Queen Anne Home Restoration

19th Century Queen Victorian home before renovations

I know, I know, it’s been a while since our last blog post, but I’ve got plenty to share today. We’ve decided to take on a new project and want to invite you along for the ride. Some of you may have already caught on to what it may be, so in the interest of saving everyone from having to read a few paragraphs in suspense… We bought a Galveston Historic home! Out of some miracle we are the new caretakers of the Baden-Sproule Home. It was constructed in 1899 and survived the Great Storm of 1900 with minor roof damage. It is a Queen Anne Victorian and due in large part to its previous owner, Lyda Ann Quinn Thomas (Former Mayor of Galveston and Historic Preservation Icon) it sits almost entirely with its original grandeur.

The home has received its share of improvements over the years. HVAC, new plumbing and electrical have been updated and an addition of a wing to the home was done around 2008, housing a service hall, entertaining prep areas and elevator. There are areas that we plan to do extensive renovations, those being the kitchen, service hall, bathrooms and loft (which will be my new design studio).

The property also has a small guest apartment that we will be fixing up and turning into an AirBnB space for Galveston visitors looking for a private little space unlike a large hotel chain. Of course I’ll be decking it out to give it a feeling of a 5-star boutique hotel. Let’s hope they find our space as inviting as we do!

We want to take you along with the preservation and updates we have in store for this amazing property. I have to say, I’m reluctant to do a vlog. Who likes the sound of their own voice and having to stand in front of a camera, not me…? I will try my hardest to get over that fear and take you on a tour of the property and give you some insight as to what plans we have in store for this 121 yr old showstopper.

I’ll share my process of choosing exterior paint colors, landscaping ideas to elevate the look of the property, room by room designs, and of course those major improvements mentioned above.

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Are there any areas you’d like details on? Can we answer questions you may have on these renovation topics? Drop a comment or email us directly at info@mdcfineliving.com

BTW – I will be sure to add a collection of the “before” pics of the home.

Until next time!

MDC Team

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